Visual Brand Strategy

Partner your business with Grow and we’ll handle the visual part of your brand, you handle the rest.
Why it’s important

A business’s brand goes beyond a logo, website, printed materials, signage, typography, or color scheme.

Part of the brand is created as a result of these visual elements, but the full scale of a brand is created by the public’s perception of a company’s actions, product quality, customer service, and reputation.

But, a unique, compelling, & memorable visual brand message gives a business a leg-up on their competition to attract and keep customers.

If it’s done effectively, it results in increased value and perception of a company. A good brand stands out, a weak one is dismissed.

Imagery is the primary way we communicate as a culture. The importance of a unified visual brand message can’t be overstated. It has to be consistent every time someone interacts with that brand.

It is a necessary, crucial first-step to build a unified visual brand message and differentiate from your competition.

Strategy is the difference between a brand that has direction, and one that is aimless. It determines who a business is and what they’re about.

What we can do for your business

Every service we offer starts with a Visual Brand Strategy Analysis & Consultation to examine and study your current visual brand strategy and overall brand message and steps we can take to improve upon it.

It Includes:

  • A visit to your business for a consultation, discussion, and an outlining of goals for building your visual brand.
  • An analysis of your competition’s strategies and current branding & marketing trends in your industry.
  • We’ll find your business’s unique selling point and integrate it into our plan. Something that only your business can offer. Something that separates your business from your competition.
  • Based on what we learn, we’ll determine a strong, clear, unique, and compelling brand message for your business.
  • Using this brand message, we’ll have a strong base to build your brand’s visuals using our services including a logo design, a digital website solution, printed marketing materials, photography & video, branded promotional products, appropriate social media profiles, and any other brand application that would be effective in spreading your brand’s message.
Ready to get started?

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-Jackson Seim, Seim Chiropractic & Wellness