Visual Brand Strategy

Partner your business with Grow and we’ll handle the visual part of your brand, you handle the rest.
Why it’s important

A business’s brand goes beyond a logo, website, printed materials, signage, typography, or color scheme.

Part of the brand is created as a result of these visual elements, but the full scale of a brand is created by the public’s perception of a company’s actions, product quality, customer service, and reputation.

But, a unique, compelling, & memorable visual brand message gives a business a leg-up on their competition to attract and keep customers.

If it’s done effectively, it results in increased value and perception of a company. A good brand stands out, a weak one is dismissed.

Imagery is the primary way we communicate as a culture. The importance of a unified visual brand message can’t be overstated. It has to be consistent every time someone interacts with that brand.

It is a necessary, crucial first-step to build a unified visual brand message and differentiate from your competition.

Strategy is the difference between a brand that has direction, and one that is aimless. It determines who a business is and what they’re about.

What we can do for your business

Every service we offer starts with a Visual Brand Strategy Analysis & Consultation to examine and study your current visual brand strategy and overall brand message and steps we can take to improve upon it.

It Includes:

  • A visit to your business for a consultation, discussion, and an outlining of goals for building your visual brand.
  • An analysis of your competition’s strategies and current branding & marketing trends in your industry.
  • We’ll find your business’s unique selling point and integrate it into our plan. Something that only your business can offer. Something that separates your business from your competition.
  • Based on what we learn, we’ll determine a strong, clear, unique, and compelling brand message for your business.
  • Using this brand message, we’ll have a strong base to build your brand’s visuals using our services including a logo design, a digital website solution, printed marketing materials, photography & video, branded promotional products, appropriate social media profiles, and any other brand application that would be effective in spreading your brand’s message.
Ready to get started?

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Just ask our current clients...

“We are so impressed with all the work Kyle at Grow Creative has done for us and continues to do. Our new logo really exemplifies our business. We get so many compliments on our new visual brand identity. Our office would highly recommend working with Grow!”

-Kori Lemburg Vieth, Pure Aesthetic Medispa