Bernedoodle Kennels

Pet Breeder – Chapman, Nebraska

Client Overview

Bernedoodle Kennels is a pet breeder located in Chapman, Nebraska.

They specialize in breeding F1b Mini Bernedoodles, but are positioned to possibly expand into different variations of the breed.


The Challenge

Bernedoodle Kennels is an upstart kennel, therefore, they needed a new identity & brand, and a website built around that brand and brand message that is current with today’s standards in web design.

They wanted a brand that would separate their kennel from the diverse competition of pet breeding.

The website needed to be mobile-friendly and responsive, showcase the kennel and the breed, and have the capabilities for eCommerce with Paypal & credit card implementation.

New Brand Identity

The new brand identity consists of the wordmark “Bernedoodle Kennels” with pawprints in the “o’s” of the “doodle”.

We settled on the name “Bernedoodle Kennels” because it is simple and to the point, and lets the audience know exactly what they do.

The mission is “The #1 Source for F1b Mini Bernedoodles.”

The symbolism of the is meant to evoke a sense of fun, energy, and professionalism. The paws implemented symbolize the pet aspect, specifically dogs. It aims to ensure every person who sees the logo, gets an idea of who the business is, and what they do.

We chose the color scheme of brown, black, and white…based on the sought after “Tri-Color” variation of the puppies they sell. We also used a wood texture to reinforce the farm barn aspect of the business.



The website is built on a responsive framework with a content management system (WordPress), allowing for client login and do-it-yourself content changes.

The design builds from elements of the new brand identity featuring a tri-color scheme to evoke an overall fun, energetic, and professional tone.

The layout showcases the new brand identity first and foremost. It utilizes a nested navigation system and positions content to flow optimally down the page for a user-friendly experience.

It features slideshows, photo galleries, online forms, and eCommerce capabilities.